The 3 Day Detox Diet

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There are many 3 day detox diets out there, the most obvious being the 3 day water fast. However if you are anything like me you would not last three minutes on a water fast, so that is out of the question.

I have listed below two far more simple options.

The only way I ever lost weight in those days was by having my hair cut

Easy Option

Day 1

Clear the system

On the first day of this 3 detox drink plenty of water or fresh fruit juice to substitute alcohol, and cut out tea and coffee. Eat a very light breakfast, have pasta with a veggie sauce for lunch and for dinner a light salad with tuna or other fish in the early evening.

Then, put on your trainers and go for a long brisk walk - for at least two hours.

Day 2

Rebuild your body

Cut out the fruit juice and have as much water as you can today - still no alcohol and no tea or coffee. Fresh fruit for breakfast, green salad for lunch with an oil-free dressing and steamed fish with vegetables for dinner.

Day 3

Back to full fitness

Nearly there! Just drink water and eat fruit all day - for that one last blitz. You may feel hungry so try not to do anything too energetic.

Not So Easy Option

If you can stick to it, you will be delighted at the results you can achieve with this 3 day detox. Simply drink water, and fruit or vegetable juice which should be freshly juiced just before you drink it, which excludes shop bought juice in cartons. If you can use organic fruit, even better.

I only managed two days on this detox, but I was not really hungry, just bored, so try to keep yourself busy!

I lost about two pounds, but felt much lighter, and I am certain I lost a few inches, although the scale did not change too much.

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