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The majority of the books here are not available in regular book stores. They deal with alternative methods of health and weight loss, and the methods described have worked for the authors of the books.

Some of the books are available for instant download, others are at present available in only hard copy.

I have personally purchased and read each book described here, and am reviewing them from first hand experience.

10 Day Easy Diet

The 10 Day Easy Diet is one of my favorite diet plans, because it does not require that you take anything out of your diet, you simply add to it!

Spanish reflexologist Nuria Weaver explains that by introducing mineral rich foods into your diet, you may still continue with your old eating habits, and lose weight at the same time.

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The Five Tibetan Rites

These five simple exercise routines are used by Tibetan monks to reverse the aging process, tone the body, and boost energy levels.

I bought this book just 10 days ago, but already I feel more toned and supple, which for someone who is hopeless at sticking to any sort of exercise routine, is nothing short of a miracle!

The exercises are easy to do, one can start with just 3 repititions of each a day, slowly building up to the maximum recommended, which is 21.

Highly recommended.

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Primal Weight Loss

Author Jason Barger explains how he lost 35lbs of pure fat in just two months.

Jason´s method is uncomplicated, and full of common sense. You will see a remarkable increase in your energy levels, and there is absolutely no reason at all that you should feel hungry.

Jason´s book is available as an ebook for instant download at $27.
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Eating For Beauty

David Wolfe´s eating for beauty is a must for anyone´s wishlist.

Besides listing which foods we should be eating to become more beautiful physically and mentally, he also describes a simple three day cure for cellulite, and numerous other tips for beautifying different parts of the body.

This book does a great job in teaching the reader which foods are healthy, and which are not. I was in for a few surprises!

The book also includes Kirlian photography pictures. Kirlian photography is a method of measuring the energy and life in a certain food.

An absolute must have for anybody who wishes to feel healthy an look beautiful.

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Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is written by body builder Tom Venuto, and this week has made it to the number 1, top selling position of diet books in the Clickbank marketplace.

It is not just about weight loss, Tom explains in detail about nutrition and exercise, and also reveals the secrets used by top body builders and models to obtain perfectly sculptored muscles.

At $39 this book is a little more expensive than some, however the book consists of 340 information laden pages, and advice that if followed correctly cannot fail to give you the body of your dreams.

You will also receive 6 superb bonuses.Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is available in downloadable e book format from Clickbank.
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Weight Loss by the Numbers

Weight Loss by the Numbers is only 23 pages long, but the plan is easy to follow, and contains sound advice.

I feel anyone who follows this plan correctly will lose the desired weight.

Available as immediate download, priced at $24.95.
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Quick and Easy Weight Loss

Paul Simmons lost 78 pounds, and you can too, by using his "Quick and Easy" weight loss method.

The system comes with a full money back guarantee.

Currently $24.95 for the instant downloadable version.

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