Break Your Habits

Posted by Dee Dee

Country United States

Date 14 February 2005

Human beings are creatures of HABIT,and let's face it some old habits are hard to break.

Most of us are on this never ending "yo-yo" diet, we lose, we gain, we lose, we gain. Deep down we all know what it takes to be "fit", and for most of us it's eaiser to be, well let's just say, less "fit", but with some minor changes in our every day lives you will be able to see some good results, by rethinking and recreating how we shop, what we eat, how we eat,when we eat, and so forth, I have found that with just a few of these minor adjustments in our routines will pay big dividends to our "bottom line"........if you get what I mean, (the bottom line we carry around with us where ever we go).

Just try these things for awhile, just test yourself, and see if it make a differance, what do you have to lose? What we all want to lose,and slim our bottom line!

Park farther away when you go shopping, I've seen peoople drive around a parking lot several times looking for that perfect parking place, WALK..... NO EXCUSES,(unless you are medically unable of course.

When you need just a few things from the store, carry a hand basket instead of pushing a cart, hand baskets hold less impulsive foods.

NEVER go food shopping on an empty stomach. The pitfalls are out there, just waiting, for that weak moment, and once bought, well you have to eat it, what ever it may be.

After dinner, don't sit and "relax" your dinner is working down to your bottom line, get up and clean the kitchen or do one of the 'I'll do it later chores', everyone has at least one of these chores.

A couple of times a week, skip lunch, there's always something else do do for that half an hour, read part of a book, take a walk, just sit and visit with a friend, it's a proven fact that no one ever starved to death between breakfest and dinner, even if breakfest was only an energy bar, or a peice if fruit.

These are just some minor changes in our daily habits, not hard to do, nothing to buy, no vigiorus excersises,try it,think about your own HABITS, and see if you can make some minor changes to help your "bottom line" After all, what do you have to lose?

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