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We hear an awful lot about the danger of fad diets. I define a fad diet as an eating plan that is safe enough to follow for a short period of time, but undesirable to follow permanantly. I believe we can panic too much if we feel we are going without all the vitamins and minerals we need, it is possible to live for a very long time without eating anything at all, and here in the West we panic if one day we do not get the recommended daily dose of a certain vitamin.

I think the biggest danger of fad diets we face is that we are unlikely to stick to them for longer periods as we will crave whatever is forbidden, and it is probable we will put the weight back on as soon as the diet ends.

My friend Gillian lost weight while on the 10 Day Easy Diet.
However she did not regain the weight after she finished the diet, as it taught her a completely new way of eating and she decided she enjoyed it so much she did not return to her unhealthy prediet lifestyle. She certainly looks well on it!

Use Common Sense

We know our bodies need certain minerals, vitamins and amino acids to function at an optimal level. If a certain diet prohibits eating any of the major food groups, such as low carbohydarate diets (Dr Atkins) or a low fat diet, we are depriving our bodies of one of the major food groups.

However, I believe in an otherwise healthy person, you will not do yourself any harm if you use a ‘fad diet’ as a short term weight loss solution. Besides, I have found they are not diets one can consider for long term weight loss, one quickly tires if the choices of foods are limited, and we soon crave the forbidden foods, and give in, feeling like failures.

My advice is, if you are an adult (teenagers should not consider fad diets, but simply follow a healthy eating plan) and otherwise in good health, there is no reason you should not follow a variety of fad diets, for up to a week at a time.

I believe the main danger of fad diets is the preoccupation we have for weight loss as opposed to overall good health. I have a friend who has followed the Atkins diet for the best part of a year. She piled on weight after an accident that left her inactive for three months. Although she has lost weight on the diet, she does not look healthy, her skin tone is poor, and she looks a lot older than she did before starting the diet, which to me is an indication that her body is lacking in the essential vitamins it needs. Definitely food for thought.

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