The Glycemic Index Diet

The Glycemic Index (GI) rates how fast carbohydrates break down and increase blood sugar. Lower glycemic carbohydrates stabilize blood sugar better, which helps control insulin.

It is said eating foods with a low GI will:

Control your blood glucose level

Control your cholesterol level

Control your appetite

Lower your risk of getting heart disease

Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes

Popcorn has a high Glycemic Index of approximately 80

Consuming foods on the middle to lower end of the GI should keep you full over a longer period of time helping you control your appetite and therefore reduce your weight.

Diabetics must eat foods low on the Glycemic Index to control their blood sugar levels.

Glycemic Index Food Tables

VH= Very High

H= High

M= Medium

L= Low

A friend of mine followed the GI diet by eating unlimited foods with a Low rating, 3 foods per day with a Medium rating, 2 with a High rating and allowing herself only one food per day with a Very High rating. She lost the 20lbs she needed to lose in seven weeks, but as an added bonus reports a very marked improvement in her cellulite, which must be a brilliant motivator!

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