The Grape Diet

The Grape Diet was originally bought to public attention by Johanna Brandt. Johanna went to the United States from South Africa in 1926 to share her message: highly nutritious grapes can be used for preventing and treating cancer.

Johanna was terminally ill with stomach cancer, when she discovered by eating grapes the cancer would shrink and eventually disappear completely.

Sarah followed the Grape Diet for five days and lost four pounds

Basil Shackleton was also a very sick man when he came to the grape diet. His only remaining kidney was diseased and would not respond to drugs. He had been chronically ill for over 40 years, having caught bilharzia when a young boy growing up in Africa.

In despair he turned to a cure that he had only vaguely heard about – a diet of grapes. In his book, The Grape Cure, he explains what happened: ‘There is magic in the world – and there are miracles!... after twenty-three days on the treatment... I came through ... looking and feeling twenty years younger – and I was completely and permanently cured!... My body became charged with a new vitality. I felt radiant and whole.’

The grape cure that he recommends consists simply of eating as many grapes as desired and nothing but grapes – no drugs, no other foods, no liquids other than hot or cold water – hot for those times when you will feel nauseated. The water may be drunk at all times but not within an hour after eating the grapes as this will only dilute the strength of the natural chemicals in the grapes. The grapes must be washed thoroughly – and soaked two or three times – to wash off any pesticides that might be on the skin.

Although I am very fortunate not to be suffering from any serious illnesses, I decided to try the grape diet, as I had heard it was an excellent way to detoxify the blood and lose a few pounds into the bargain.

As I am not the strongest willed person in the world, I persuaded my friend Sarah to join me on the diet. She was not overweight but wanted to lose 5 or 10 pounds, and was interested in the many health benefits of the diet.

We both lasted five days. I lost 5lbs, and Sarah lost 4lbs. We both felt lighter and healthier.

The most unexpected side effect was a harmless cyst that Sarah had had since she was a teenager completely disappeared.

If you are dieting only to lose weight, then The Grape Diet is probably not for you. It is very difficult to stick to, as after a few days one becomes sick of the sight of grapes!

Also the weight lost seems to come back rather quickly, Sarah went back to her normal eating habits straight after, and within ten days she regained the weight she had lost.

But if you are sick, or simply want to detox and give your digestive system a bit of a rest, I thoroughly recommend the Grape Diet.

Instructions for The Grape Diet

Only water and grapes may be consumed. Water should not be taken within an hour of eating grapes.

Eat only grapes for the duration of the diet. The grapes can be juiced or put through a blender if you prefer. Seeds can also be eaten. Eat as many grapes as you wish, of any type.

After a few days you may experience nausea or headaches, these are due to toxins being released, and are not a reason for alarm, however a lot of people may give up at this point.

For expert advice on the grape diet, please read one of the books suggested below.

The Grape Diet

Or read Chet Day´s version of The Grape Cure, which is available as an instant download!

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