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Although Free Fad Diets is primarily based on fad diets, we wish to include some Healthy Diets into our site. These diets can be followed for a short length of time to give your health and weight loss a boost or indeed for life. Fad diets tend to be diets one is only likely to stick to for short periods due to the exclusion of some food groups.

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Most of us know what Healthy Diet Foods are- we just sometimes have problems making the right choices

The Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet is also number one on my Top Ten Fad Diets page. However it's rightful place is here as it is definately a diet that can be followed for life. When I followed the Raw Food diet I lost weight, looked younger and had more energy. Many people have ured serious illnesses by eating 100% raw food. Although my own addiction for cooked food often gets the better of me at least 60% of my daily food intake is raw.

Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian diet is statistically healthier than a meat eating diet. Vegetarians and vegans are less likely to suffer from heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and other diseases.

The Abs Diet

The Abs Diet is based on a book written of the same name, authored by David Zinczenko. Zinczenko possesses credible health and fitness experience as editor for the fitness magazine, “Men’s Health.” Although the book is written in a way to attract males towards the diet, any dieter can follow it. It is a healthy eating plan which adds exercise to mild up muscle and tone the body.

Sonoma Diet

Considered one of the most balanced diets to hit the market, the Diet Sonoma created by Connie Guttersen does not focus on the restriction of food items or calorie counting. The meals that you will be consuming while on this diet deal with cuisine from the Mediterranean. The name of the diet comes from a region located in California, which is filled with vineyards.

The Dash Diet

The Dash Diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The Dash diet consists of working towards increasing the amount of fruits, vegetables, as well as low-fat dairy products.It is a healthy eating plan that cuts out such foods as full fat dairy foods and processed products. Even though the Dash diet was established to control blood pressure levels, this approach can also be used to lose unwanted pounds.

Perricone Diet

The Perricone diet is one of the few marketed diet programs that does not concentrate on losing weight as the main goal. This diet, which was created by top dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, uses diet, supplements and lotions to achieve results in looking younger and living longer.

3 Hour Diet

The 3 hour diet is not a diet where you will lose excess weight within three hours- it refers to the diet created by Jorge Cruise that allows you to eat throughout the day to achieve results. You will essentially eat every three hours.

The Smash Diet

For the past couple of years, there has been an addicting show that dieters and celebrity fanatics can’t help but to tune into every once in awhile. On VH1, “Celebrity Fit Club” has taken celebrities, such as Kelly LaBrock, Chasity Bono, Gary Busey and Wendy Kaufman (The Snapple Lady) through an intense exercise and dieting program. If you ever wondered what diet the celebrities were following, it is called the Smash diet.

The Gout Diet

When you have been diagnosed with gout, there are certain changes to your diet that you will need to implement in order to lead a healthy and less painful life. Gout is a form of rheumatoid arthritis that causes painful inflammation when sharp crystallized pieces of uric acid gather between joints.

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