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The Lemonade Diet, or 'Master Cleanse' was written by Stanley Burroughs close to fifty years ago. The diet has been used for a multitude of health problems with great sucess and has the fantastic bonus of burning fat off at the rate of about 2lbs per day. It is recommended to follow The Master Cleanse for at least 10, and up to 40 days.

The Diet has recently been in the spotlight, as singer Beyonce Knowles revealed she used the Master Cleanse to lose a stone in just 10 days whilst filming her new movie, Dreamgirls. People are noclling it 'The Beyonce Diet' and 'Beyonce Maple Syrup Diet' but in fact it has been used by health seeking people for many years.

The lemonade diet can be used for the following reasons:

When one is sick

When the digestive system needs to rest When the body needs to cleanse

When one has become overweight

The diet will eliminate poisons and toxins that have accumulated over the years, cleanse the blood and kidneys, while purifying the glands and cells in the body.

All unusable and diseased cells will be eliminated from the body, building a healthy blood stream and cells and the appearance of youth and elasticity will return.

Not bad for a diet, huh?

But let me warn you it is not the easiest diet to stick to.

It should be followed for a minimum of ten days, and in the case of serious disease up to forty days.

For the lemonade diet you will need the following ingredients daily.

60 oz to 120 oz water per day (or 10 oz per glass)

12 tablespoons Organic Grade B Maple Syrup (Or 2 tbsp. per glass)

12 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice (Or 2 tbsp. per glass)

A little over half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or 1/10 tsp. per glass) or to taste.

A herbal tea laxative.

Two teaspoons of uniodized sea salt.

The day before starting the diet, drink the laxative tea before going going to bed. There is a very good chance you will wake up with stomach cramps during the night, and may have to run to the toilet. This is normal on The Master Cleanse.

the  lemonade diet

Lemons are the key ingredient for the Lemonade Diet

The following morning mix the sea salt with a quart (or just under a litre) of spring water. Drink this back as quickly as possible, within half an hour is optimal. Many people say they cannot bear the taste- it makes them want to be sick- I have found that imagining it is very salty vegetable soup is a great help, mind over matter can work wonders.

Within usually an hour you will have a great need to go to the toilet,so make sure you are prepared and able to get to a bathroom. You will probably have to go three or four times within the hour.

This is a great natural colon cleanse and will wash the inside of your body thouroughly. Do NOT take an enema or colonic whilst doing the Master Cleanse. The saltwater bathing will cleanse the entire digestive tract.

After you have visited the bathroom about three times, you should be able to continue your daily business as normal.

For the rest of the day drink at least 6 and no more than 12 glasses of Lemonade, made with at least 2 tablespoons of lemon or lime juice, 2 tablespoons of Maple Syrup and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Drink this throughout the day. The occasional glass of peppermint tea can be drank if desired.

Nothing else should be taken whilst on the diet.

A recap:

Before going to bed drink a herbal laxative

On wakening down a quart of spring water

For the rest of the day drink between 60 and 120 Oz. of the lemonade.

An occasional peppermint tea is permitted.

What results can you expect on the Lemonade Diet?

The lemonade diet is primarily a detox diet.

It seems if you use it solely for weight loss purposes you are less likely to succeed, as the detox symptoms can be fairly severe. However you can expect to lose around 2lbs a day on the diet.

The main worry people have is they will be hungry on the Lemonade diet. If you experience hunger the advice given by experts is "Drink more lemonade!" The unique mixture ofingrediets should quell any hunger pangs.

If you are intersted in doing the Master Cleanse first and foremost make sure you know what to expect.

Peter Glickman has done the cleanse 13 times between 2003 and 2006 for periods ranging from 10 to 28 days. He is an absolute expert on the cleanse and has produced the first & only audio CD on the Master Cleanse, also known as The Lemonade Diet.

The CD covers just about everything, from the widespread nature of obesity, the body's method of handling toxins by creating fat cells to store them in, how to do the cleanse, and what pitfalls to avoid. This CD also contains three inspiring live testimonials and makes a great companion to The Master Cleanser, by Stanley Burroughs, or Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days by Peter Glickman.

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For extra help on The Lemonade Diet there is an invaluable tool by a lady called Victoria Wizzel, who herself has completed The Master Cleanse. Victoria is a hypnotist from Nevada and has made a CD called Hypnosis for the Lemonade Fast.
The CD consists of two sessions.

Session 1: Listen to daily to aid the process and increase your motivation.

Listen to session 2: When you are coming off the master cleanse and wish to adopt and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.

Session 1: Master Cleanser Helper Session 2: Healthy Eating Maintenance

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