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The Mono Food Diet

To follow a Mono Food diet one must eat only one type of food per meal.

There are people who say this should be a raw food, (which is obviously preferable due to the higher nutrient content), and those that say for weight loss; any type of food will do!

I actually agree with both sides of the coin for a change.

I tried both methods, and lost a similar amount of weight. (Approximately one pound per day).

Yes, you could bake all these potatoes and eat them as a meal on The Mono Food Diet!

Mono Food Diet

This has to be the most simple to follow diet going!

And, believe me, you will lose weight.

Simply eat only one type of food, three times a day.

Food types

Basically food groups can be devided into three groups; high protein, high carb, or starches.

High protein foods consist of nuts, eggs, cheese, fish and meat.

Healthy high carbs are vegetables or fruit.

Starches include bread, pasta and rice and potatoes.

Mono Diet Menu Example 1


2 bananas, 1 apple


Half a roast chicken


3 baked potatoes

Mono Diet Menu Example 2


2 hard boiled eggs Slice of cheese


Large bowl of pasta with herbs for flavoring, piece of bread


Unlimited quantity of vegetables

Eat three meals a day, leaving at least four hours between each meal. It is advisable to eat once from each group for a super balanced diet.

Do not snack between meals.

Another advantage of the Mono Food Diet is meal preparation and planning is minimal!

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