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Anyone who is seriously overweight will empathise when I say it can completely overtake your life.

When I was so horribly overweight there were days when I could think of nothing else. Every step I took was uncomfortable and although I would make endless jokes about my weight it was a cover up- inside it hurt very much every time somebody made a comment or jibe.

I realise I am far from having the perfect bod these days, but believe me, when you have been as huge as I was, to weigh 175 pounds is wonderful!

If anything good came out of my 'fatness' it is I have learnt and studied an awful lot about nutrition in the last 10 years. I have a genuine interest, which even goes a far as fascination for every new fad diet that rears it's head- I would LOVE that someone discovers the ultimate WEIGHT LOSS SECRET!

Of course in the real world there is no 'One Size fits all' solution. Some people lose weight by eating low carb and exercising, others manage to stick to a Raw Food Diet, and others find success with a Low Calorie or Low Fat Diet.

There are so many different diet plans out there, I recommend a just a handful of them on this site, as they are short term, fast results plans. This seems to be the type of diet I have used most successfully, although of course there are others who would prefer a long-term steady approach.

When I bought my first computer in the year 2000 and discovered the Internet, I loved reading up on different diets and weight loss theories, and dishing out the perfect diet for my friends.

That also led to the birth of this site- I wanted to find a site that listed every fad diet so I did not need to surf for hours- that got me thinking, "Why don't you do it yourself?"

Well I had a small issue there. As a child I had even had a problem using a calculator, and at the age of 35 still did not own a VCR- I would not have been able to work the darned thing.

my weight loss story

Since I have been able to give up working full-time, doing something I love, I cannot believe how much fun life is!

In fact I had never really been very skilled at anything, probably why I had reached the dizzy heights of kitchen assistant on the career ladder.

The idea however, would not go away, I began surfing the net looking for information on how to build a website. There was so much out there it was completely daunting.

I finally settled on buying some software that was apparently so simple to use my granny could have built one.

Well, the software was pretty easy to use, and after approximately four months of sweat, blood and tears, I did have a kind of very unprofessional looking site that had broken links, took ages to load and all that sort of thing. Even so, it was a website of sorts, it had about 30 pages and I was very proud. I spent eons looking for a hosting company.

Again what an absolutely daunting task- I mean I had an idea what a hosting company was but I was not absolutely sure.

Did I need one?

Should I get a free one?

And what the hell was bandwidth and how much did I need?

I did weeks of extensive research into this issue and a multitude of others, and finally decided on a hosting plan. After days of almost crying with frustration I managed to upload my site!

I was thrilled! I could hardly sleep thinking of all the hundreds of people visiting my site at that very moment and anticipating the complimentary emails and questions I would find in my inbox the following morning!

Needless to say when I woke after a few snatched hours of excited sleep I rushed to my computer to see what amazing results had occurred overnight- I was amazed to find not one person had emailed me- although I was offering free weight loss advice. Not one.

I was not too put out, as obviously this was just another thing I had done wrongly- I had written my email address incorrectly, and could put it right in a jiffy.

Hmmm...That did not seem to be the case the links were working fine. I called a friend and asked her to test it for me, the mail arrived immediately. So what had gone wrong?

After a few days I managed to work out how to access and read my stats. (Thatís where you can find out about your visitors- how many, where from, how much time they spend on your site, etc).

What a nasty shock- apart from a handful that were obviously a few friends, and me I did not have any visitors! None, Zilch.

That of course led to a yearlong crusade of how to get visitors to my website. I spent an awful lot of money, and many many hours learning how to do this. I must admit at the end of all that I was not much the wiser. Information was conflicting- apart from being very expensive. White hat-black hat, it was all Chinese to me, and seemed to be an extremely lengthy process. I would spend weeks trying to optimise my site, but then would read another article n how the search engines had 'completely changed their algorithms' and I was back to square one.

Finally I came to my senses and decided to try Site Build It!

I had come across information on Site Build It! many times whilst researching how to build a site, I was tempted to try it but held back as I though other options were cheaper.

That was a very silly costly mistake I made. The Site Build It! package is far cheaper than the alternatives I used, as you have evrything in one simple to use package. That's right- absolutely everything.

It is a complete website-building, web hosting, and marketing package. If only I had tred it earlier I would have saved myself months of hard work and a ton of money!

When I first had the idea to build a site, I simply wanted to share information. I did not have any plans to make money of it- I knew people did make money from websites of course, but I thought the only way to do that was to sell something, like Amazon or Dell to name a few of the big boys. Little did I know!

Within no time I had my Site Build it! Site up and running, (your are looking at it now!) and I learnt that I could make money of the net too!

There is a very simple way that thousands of people are using to make themselves a tidy pile of money every month. By adding Google Adsense to your site (this is done very simply by adding a few lines of supplied code to your pages, you can earn a very nice sum monthly which is generated every time one of your visitors clicks on an ad!

So have I been able to give up working in the greasy kitchen?

Yes! I now make enough money from adsense and affiliate sales that I no longer need to work full time. I supplement my website income by making handmade greetings cards which I love.

Is this a way to get rich quick?

No. When I began my Site Build It! site, I already had a lot of content written from my other site. It takes time to research your subject and write about it. For this reason Site Build It! recommends you write about something you are interested in or passionate about. This way building your site becomes an extreme pleasure and not a chore.

It took about six months before I started seeing some serious income.

Maybe I was just lucky because I knew a bit about a much searched for subject?

No, No and NO! If anything, I would have been better off if my chosen subject had not been so mainstream- there are 440,000,000 sites currently listed on Google under the keyword "Diet". That is an awful lot of competition- however thanks to the Site Build It! package, my site is doing very nicely thank you!

Your site can be about anything- Click here for some Case Studies.

Can anyone do this?

Absolutely. As I explained my web experience was so limited when I began, yet I was able to put a site together in no time. The Support Team at Site Build It! are excellent and will answer any questions you may have within hours, sometimes within minutes!

I have introduced two Stay at Home Mums to the program, both without any previous website building knowledge and both are receiving monthly Google Adsense checks!

If you have any questions about Sitesell, you can ask here.

I wish you the Best of Luck with building your own little Internet Empire!

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