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Get More out of your food, with the Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet is the last diet I tried, and definitely my favorite of all. It is the best diet for life, a diet that should be followed as a lifestyle change rather than a fad diet. However I have included it on this site as when I began it I considered it to be a faddy thing, and had the intention of only sticking to it for a week.

I had come across numerous references and websites describing the benefits of a raw food diet, whilst looking on the Internet for fad diets that would bring fast, easy results.

I look, feel and act younger at 41 than I have for years!

I initially dismissed the raw food diet, because it sounded just too boring and restricting although I had no doubt that the results would be considerable, I could not see myself managing to stick to it for longer than a day. I have never been so wrong!

The variety of foods one can eat is unlimited, providing it is not derived from any animal source and is uncooked, eat as much of whatever you wish! I became an advocaat addict, eating up to three or four a day. Uncooked fruits and vegetables can be eaten in such a variety of ways, that I would never had imagined.

After the first week I had lost 5lbs, and in the right places. I looked healthier than I had done for years, I went another three days on the diet before sucumbihg to a pizza whilst out with friends. After eating the Pizza, I had to leave my friends and go home, I felt as though somebody had dumped ten pounds of cement in my stomach. This told me without a doubt that what I had read is true, RAW is best!!

Since then I have stopped dieting, as such, I simply do not cook my food anymore. I know longer slave over a hot stove in a small uninteresting room, I simply switch the blender on, and that is on a bad day! I eat when I feel hungry, and not when the clock dictates. This was not planned, it simply happened.

I do not follow a 100% raw diet, I still eat condiments, although I am discovering some delicious alternatives. I go out with my friends a few times a week, and if I fancy it, will drink alcohol. I was never a tea or coffee drinker, but I was a mad diet coke addict, and although I have cut my intake drastically, I do indulge at times.

I feel so much healthier I do not believe I will return to eating cooked food. Please do not dismiss this diet as I initially did, without doing further research. It could actually save your life.

What should a Raw Food Diet Consist of?

What to eat on a raw food diet? Basically anything that has not been subjected to heat over 116 degrees Farenheit. (Enzymes start to degrade in as little as 106 degrees F). All cooked food is devoid of enzymes, furthermore cooking food changes the molecular structure of the food and renders it toxic. Living and raw foods also have enormously higher nutrient values than the foods that have been cooked.

Enzymes are vital because they are necessary in the digestion and absorption of food. If you eat food that is enzyme-less, your body will not get maximum utilization of the food. This causes toxicity in the body. (Can you guess why over 75% of all Americans are overweight?)

If you decide to attempt a Raw Food lifestyle, don't worry if you do not eat 100% Raw to begin with. In time your body will adjust, and you will no longer crave cooked foods.

You should include plenty of raw nuts in your diet. They will fill you, and ease any cravings you may have for meat or fish, as they are full of protein.

A Typical Day on My Raw Food Diet

Any food eaten that is not raw, is marked marked with the letters (N.R).

10 a.m

Half a cup of strawberries, A banana, Coca Cola light (N.R)

12 a.m

Half an advocado, Tomato, Salad dressing (N.R)

3 p.m.

Fistful of raw almonds, A Cucumber, Salad dressing (N.R)

6 p.m.

Glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, Half an advocado, Fistful of raw peanuts

9 p.m.

2 cans of Beer (N.R), Fistful of raw peanuts

Throughout the day, I will drink water when I am thirsty.

When I began the Raw Food diet, I would not have imagined I would be satisfied with eating these foods, but I am completely satisfied, have no cravings, and if I do I simply give in to them.

I hope one day to eat 100% raw, but until that day comes, I eat a little of what I fancy!

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Still not Convinced?

If you are still not convinced, read a book on the Raw Food Diet.

I recommend any, or all of the following.

Nature's First Law

The authors of this book are young, commited, and 100% per cent behind their cause. I could not put this book down.

How to do the Raw Food Diet with Joy

This is a downloadable e book that can be read directly on your computer after ordering.

Christopher Westra has helped many health seekers increase their vitality through raw food.

He provides in this book a unique flexible plan that makes raw eating possible and enjoyable.

Here are just some of the mind-expanding secrets this book has for you

The number one mistake most people make when starting raw foods, and how to do the exact opposite for success. How to keep yourself physically satisfied on raw foods by eating the proper amount of raw plant fats. (It's probably more than you think).

The sixteen real reasons for food cravings, and what to do about each one. Why you should follow all of the 'eating guidelines' most of the time, but break each rule at least some of the time!

How to ensure your success by increasing the number of reasons you have for switching to raw food. How your thoughts influence your progress, and how to reprogram your thinking for joy and success. Why a flexible approach to raw foods will ensure success much better than a rigid approach. The awesome truth about the taste awakenings that result from a raw diet.

This book is slightly more expensive than a hardcopy, but the information contained is invaluable.

12 Steps to Raw Foods

Authoress Victoria Boutenko teaches the principles of Raw Food at Southern Oregon University. Her classes are highly in demand. As a result of her teachings, many raw food communities have been formed throughout the world.

Victoria and her family of four have been on a 100% raw food diet for eight years and all four of them have cured their "incurable" illnesses.

This book tells why a raw food diet is superior and how to maintain successfully a 100% raw food lifestyle. The text is illustrated with stories from author's personal experiences which makes reading a pleasure.

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