Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

Posted by Zara

Country United Kingdom

Date 26 November 2004

Hi, I lost weight by using a method I devised named The Seven Deadly Sins.

I would allow myself seven sins a day, that is to eat or drink seven things that were bad for me.

For example a non diet soda or alcoholic drink was a sin, a small bar of chocolate was another (If I had a large bar, it counted as two sins) Any dairy product, (again if it was a large portion it would be two sins) any wheat product (a slice of bread or cake would be a sin) and any meat product would be another one or two sins depending on the portion size.

This left me to eat just fish, vegetables or fruit - and drink diet soda or water when my sins had ran out.

I would typically start the day out healthily and save my seven sins for the evening.

Sometimes I would not even use all my sins!

It worked for me, I needed to lose 12 pounds, and I finally lost 14lbs in total. You DO need to exercise some willpower if your sins run out early in the day. It took me six weeks to lose the weight.

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