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Anita Mitchell asked - Can I slim down bulky calves ?

Whether or not you hate the way they look in skirts and shorts, bulky calves can be an annoying feature on a man or woman. One of the ways to slim down bulky calves is to lose weight and exercise, hoping the excess bulk will disappear from your calf area. If you want another route to go, donít fear, when you want to relieve the appearance of bulky calves, there are several things you can do. You will find a few suggestions below:

1) Pilates

 Some like to do a bit of Pilates, which helps to achieve long, lean legs. When you purchase Pilates exercise videotapes or DVDs, you can find a few which target this area. This method is good because it does not use resistence training, which sometimes leads to bulk. Pilates is similar to yoga.

2) Swimming

Helps to trim the legs instead of bulk them up. When swimming, try to do a few leg drills, as well as use a kickboard while on your back and the reverse. Swimming works well because it doesnít deal with any weights that can lead to bulk.

3) Bike Riding

Helps to trim the legs instead of bulk them up. You can do this by riding a stationary bike in the comfort of your own home or by taking the bike riding to the streets. The advantages of biking in the house are that you donít have to go anywhere and you can pass the time by watching a little T.V. The advantage of biking outside is that you get a chance to get some fresh air while passing by changing scenery.

4) Walking

You can slim down your lower legs by walking because it lengthens the muscles between the back of the knee and the ankle. Walking 3-4 times per week for 30 minutes is a good start. Not only does walking stretch out and help the shape of your legs, but it is also good for the rest of the body.

5) Stretching

Stretching lengthens bulked-up muscles.  Below you will find a few stretches for the calf:

Lean Calf Stretch

1) Face a wall with one foot in front of the other. Your front foot should be about one foot from the wall, and your back foot should be about three feet from the wall.

2) Keep both heels on the floor.

3) Rest your hands on the wall in front of you and lean forward, bending your front knee. You should feel the stretch in the back leg.

4) Hold for 15 to 30 seconds.

5) Switch legs and repeat.

Step Straight Leg Calf Stretch

1) Position toes and balls of feet on stair step or calf block with arches and heels extending off. Use railing or wall for balance.

2) With knees straight, shift body weight to one foot.

3) Hold stretch.

4) Repeat with opposite leg.

Calf Stretch and Relaxer

1) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.

2) Keep heels flat, toes pointed straight ahead

3) Assume bent knee position (quarter squat)

4) Hold for 30 seconds

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