Special K Diet

You may have seen the commercial, so what is all the fuss about the Special K diet? Referred to as the Special K Challenge, the Kellogg Company challenges dieters to lose weight using their products and following a 2-week regimen. The claim to this diet was tested during a study where participants ate Special K cereal for breakfast and later replaced their lunch or dinner with the cereal. The remaining meal could be any meal that the dieter would normally prepare.

When following the Special K diet, the cereal is eaten with 2/3 cup of skim milk and accompanied with a piece of fruit. In regards to snacks within the day, fresh fruits and vegetables are allowed. A Special K Bar can also be eaten as a snack. When thirsty, drinks that the dieter would normally consume are allowed. Success in losing weight on the Special K diet comes when the dieter does not skip any meals during the allotted two weeks.

The Special K diet claims that a participant can lose up to six pounds within the 2-week period. During the study, the average reported weight loss was 5 pounds, where the average waist circumference change was a loss of 1.3 inches. Some may feel that eating two meals per day that consist of one cereal product a bit boring, but there are more than one Special K product to choose from. The company has produced an array of choices to satisfy different tastes.

Today, Kellogg offers Special K Red Berries, Special K Vanilla Almond, Special K Fruit & Yogurt, as well as Special K Low-Carb Lifestyle Protein Plus. To make sure that the program works for you, the amount of milk used must be measured as 2/3 cup. The program also requires that skim milk is chosen.

Special K Diet Tips

1) It is encouraged that the dieter samples a variety of Special K products, as well as rotate Special K meals throughout the day. For example, one day eat a regular meal for lunch, and then choose to eat the regular meal for dinner on the following night.

2) Donít forget to stay active in order to burn extra calories.

3) It is important not to skip any meals or snacks throughout the day because this encourages a straying off of the plan, as well as increased feelings of hunger.

4) Drink plenty of water during the Special K diet so that you can clean your system, as well as promote digestion.

5) When eating your full meal of the day, try to bake, broil or grill your lunch or dinner.

6) Avoid beverages that are high in sugar and fat. Opt for the diet soda, as well as coffee and tea with non-fat creamers or milk. The best drink to have is always water.

7) Stay away from alcohol because it will slow down your metabolism.

The aim of the Special K diet is to lose weight over the span of two weeks. It is the hope that this short-term boost of weight loss can promote healthy eating habits that will continue in the long-term future.

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