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I am sent a variety of emails every week asking for useful diet and exercise info. Between myself and my flatmate Sarah who has a health Shop and an avid interest in health and nutrition together we aim to provide the answers and information to a number of more unusual questions and requests.

Please checkback here often, as some of the questions are extremely complicated, and the answers can take a while to reseach, however I hope it will not be too long before there is a lot of really useful information here.

I imagine if there is one person in the world searching for info on a certain weight loss topic, there must be others too!

Our questions and topics are listed below, apologies that they are not in any particular order, just as we reply to them.

Celebritys Diet Secrets
Peer Pressure and Dieting
Snack Food on a Low Carb Diet
A List of Foods that are Good Carbs
Ancient Greek Dieting
Menus for a Low Carb Diet
Recipe for Low fat Trail Mix
Need a List of Low Fiber Foods
Low Fat Baked Apple Recipes
Natural Diet Pills
The New Revised Cabbage Soup Diet
Candida Diet Snacks
Can Lose Skin from Crash Dieting be Stopped?
List of Foods to get a Sixpack
Obesity Prejudice in Medical Community
Nursing and Low Carb Diets
What Role does Genetics play in Obesity?
Yo Yo Dieting in Men
Dieting Rid Belly Fat
Cole Slaw Low Fat Recipe
Dash Diet Food Detail
Sugar Free Dessert Recipes
Dangers of Dieting for Teens
A List of Purine Foods
Lupus and Dieting
A List of High in Protein Foods
A List of High Soluble Fibre Foods
Atkins Diet Food List
A List of Fat Free Foods to Buy
Typical Day Atkins Diet Plan
A List of Soft Foods
Fat Burning Soup Recipes
Low Calorie and Vegetarian Recipies
How to Slim Down Your Neck
Slim Down Bulky Calves
How to Lose Weight after Having a Baby
How to Slim Down Arms after Pregnancy
Low fat Crockpot Cookbooks
I Want to lose 10lbs in One Month

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